Create and publish your first Bundle

Step 1 : Now that you have some set of courses and tests created, click on Course Icon. Click on Create button.



Step 2 :  Click on Create button and give a Name to the bundle and Price and click on Create.

In the popup menu, Enter the Bundle Name in the Name Field.  In Course Type Select "Bundle" from the drop-down list. Enter the price for the bundle orSelect the  Free Bundle checkbox if you want to create the bundle as free.



Step 3 :  Click on Add Course button. Select a Course/Test from the drop down list and click on Add to add them to your bundle


Step 4 :  On adding test/course click on settings/publish to add details to your bundle course and publish it.


 Click on Publish bundle in settings page. Publish Success Message is received once the bundle is published. Your first bundle is published now.




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