Create blog ( HTML ) lesson

Login and go to Courses from admin dashboard. In courses tab click on create. You can enter the desirable course name and set the price for that course or set it as a free one and Encrypt the course to assure that your course content is secured. Once your decide on the type of course enter the details and click on create.

 Now you are in course builder where you can build your course with different sections having multiple lessons and lesson types. To add sections to your course click on sections button at the top left corner of the course builder page or drag and drop the sections button into the dotted area.

 Now click on HTML Lesson button at the top left corner of the course builder page or drag and drop it into the dotted area.

 Give your HTML Lesson a tittle and click on Edit html Lesson.

 Now you will be taken to HTML Lesson builder where you can type in the text of your lesson and add suitable images for them. On the left panel you havecolor themes drop down option which has color options for you to choose. You can change the Image. Click on Add New Section to add sections like videos

 When you click on Add new section you get to see multiple section options like custom code – which is nothing but your custom HTML code, Text – you can add nicely formatted text for your lesson here, scroll down for more. #2col text – if you have too much of text use two column text to use the space effectively, 3col text – three column text for better display, Image Text – To display a big image beside the text explaination , Video Text – to display video beside your lesson explaination , Image – high resolution images which can be used as lesson images, Video – good lesson videos for students.

 Once you are done with shaping your lesson you can Preview or Save it. and click on Publish Button to publish your html lesson. Click on OK button. Now on lesson builder page click on Exit Builder button to return to course builder.  

You can see your HTML lesson added in to your course. Click on Publish. 

 Please review publish settings before you publish your course and click on Publish. Once you have successfully published click on Preview School button to preview the html lessons added to your course.

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