Manage Content in Sections [add, edit, delete, reorder]

Login to Learnyst go to  website builder on the side bar you can see Sections. You can actually customize your website by adding, editing, deleting or reordering these sections. To reorder the other sections you just have to drag and drop them. 

Below mentioned are the list of sections available on Learnyst website builder.

Navbar, Header,Features,Courses,About Us,FAQ,HTML Custom Code,Footer. 


You can add, edit, delete, reorder these content sections to your website. 

1. Add New Section:

To add click on +Add New Section. Your section gets added to your landing page. 

 2. Delete the Section:

Select the section you want to removed and Click on 'X' icon to delete the section.


 3. Reorder the Section:

Move the mouse pointer over the section to the drag icon in the section panel. Drag the section by pressing the left button of the mouse in the desired order (up or down)  and release. The section is reordered and moved to the desired place in your website. or just to reorder a section drag and drop that section in the side bar. 


 4. Rename the Course:

Click on the Section you wish to rename. Click on Rename link and enter the Section Name and press Save and press Cancel if you wish to discard the changes.



5. Edit the text:

To edit the text on each section that you add, hover the cursor on the Section and you can see Edit button on Headings, Sub-headings and body text which can be edited. 



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