Create your custom landing page

Login into Learnyst and go to website builder. You will see the website editor on the left sidebar. On top of the side bar there is save, publish, preview and more option for website builder. Click on more button to open more option for the website builder.

Click here to know more about themes.


 There are different sections that you can add to your website

 Add Section:

Click on Add new section button. A variety of different category of section listed in the Section List. Select the one of your choice. That is added as the section to your website.

 Delete Section:

Click on the Section you wish to remove. Click on the ‘x’ delete button. Press ‘Yes’ to delete the Section from the confirmation dialog box or ‘No’ to restore the Section.

Click on the Section you wish to rename. Click on Rename link and enter the Section Name and press Save and press Cancel if you wish to discard the changes.

 Show in Navbar:

If you wish that particular section link to be displayed in navbar, click on "Show In Navbar" button.

 Hide in Navbar:

if you wish that particular section link added should not be displayed in navbar, click on "Hide in Navbar" button. 

Reorder Section:

If you wish to reorder the Section you have added. Move the mouse pointer over the section to the drag icon in the section panel. Drag the section by pressing the left button of the mouse in the desired order (up or down)  and release. The section is reordered and moved to the desired place in your website. Sections you add to your websites can be rearranged by simply dragging and dropping them. 

Click on Settings to change the settings of your website

Click here to know how to customize a section of your website. 

Click here to know how to change background images in a section

After customizing your website you can save the changes and click on preview. 


Click on Save button to save the changes made to your website builder.


Click on Publish button to let your user to access your customized website. 


Your website is published and is live now. 


Click on Preview button to view your website as the user.


Click on Exit button to go out of Website Builder.


Click on Tour button which will give a tool tip for the items in the left side bar.


Click on Help button which will direct to the support links.

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