How to add Coupon Codes to a Course?

To create coupon codes for your online course, Login to Learnyst and go to Courses.

1. Select the Course to which you want to add the coupon code. In Course Builder go to Settings-->Advanced Settings--> Coupon Codes. Click on Add New button

2. Enter the details like coupon name, coupon code, discount amount, expiry date to create the coupon. 

Take care of the following while entering the coupon details.

Name : Give a Name for your coupon
Coupon code : Alpha Numeric code without spaces and special characters
Discount amount : Amount to which you want to discount from.
Ex : If you have given this value as 500,
and the course price is 2000,
then a student needs to pay 1500.
(Original Course Price - 500 = 1500rs)
Expiry Date : Till what date this coupon will be valid

3. Click on save button

Once you save the coupon, coupon code entering field will be displayed to a student to enter the code.

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