How to create push-notification message?

Login to Learnyst and go to Mobile Analytics. In mobile analytics, click on New push Message button. 

Enter the Title, Content of the push message. As and when you compose your push message you can see it's preview on the right hand side. 

Click on Upload to upload an image. Also choose When you want to send the message, and select the segment from the "Select a Segment" drop-down shown.

Select the delay checkbox if you want the push message to be delayed while Idle If the device is idle, mainly to wait until device become active. Used to not disturb users when they are not using their devices.

In Tap Thru option, if you choose default link as an option then, whenever the student opens push message, by default, your app home screen is displayed on student's mobile phone.

If you choose external link and enter the URL, that webpage will be opened whenever the student opens the push message. 

If you select the App Screen link option, you can choose a course page which you want the student to be shown when they open your push notification message. 

Once you have selected the course page under App screen link drop down, click on Send notification button. 

Your Push Message will be sent successfully to all the students in the segment you choose. 


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