To create coupon codes for your online course, Login to Learnyst and go to Courses.

  • Select the Course to which you want to add the coupon code
  • In Course Builder go to Settings > Pricing. Click on Add New button
  • Enter the details like coupon name, coupon code, discount amount, expiry date to create the coupon.

Note: Take care of the following while entering the coupon details.

Name : Give a Name for your coupon
Coupon code : Alpha Numeric code without spaces and special characters
Discount amount : Amount to which you want to discount from.
Ex : If you have given this value as 500,
and the course price is 2000,
then a student needs to pay 1500.
(Original Course Price - 500 = 1500rs)
Expiry Date : Till what date this coupon will be valid

  • Click on Add button

Once you save the coupon, coupon code entering field will be displayed to a student to enter the code.

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