• Go to My Products > Domains > Manage
  • Click on DNS next to your preferred custom URL.
  • Click on Edit sign, next to the CNAME (If you want your main domain i.e www.mycustomdomain.com to point to the Learnyst account.
  • Alternatively if you want to create a new subdomain for your url, you can scroll down a bit more and click on add.
  • On the next prompt, select CNAME from the dropdown and you will see a screen like the following
  • As the Host, input the subdomain prefix name ('courses' if your desired subdomain is courses.mycustomdomain.com) and add the Points to value as ssl.learnyst.com (starter.learnyst.com if you are in the course or mock test lite plans)

Adding Redirection

If you have configured your main domain (www.mycustomdomain.com for example) to your Learnyst account, you need to add a redirection as well so that mycustomdomain.com redirects to the same page. To do so,

  • Scroll down a little more until you see the Forwarding on the right hand side. Click on Add

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