For quite some time many of you have requested for sd-card solution to sell courses securely through sd-card or off-line access. We are glad to fulfil your request by releasing sd-card solution on Learnyst. This article will help you know how to sell your courses through sd-card for your learners. As you know with sd-card solution you can sell your courses to students in remote towns and villages where there is limited or slow Internet connectivity.

Prerequisites for enabling a course for sd-card sale:

  1. Your account on Learnyst should have active android app subscription
  2. Course should be of encrypted type
  3. Content dripping feature should be disabled
  4. Course should be paid course

You can make an encrypted course ready for sd-card sale through following steps:

  1. From the admin dashboard navigate to SD-CARD SOLUTION feature on left nav bar. From the list of courses, select an encrypted course you wanted enable for sd-card sale.
  2.  Click activate course button available at top-right of the page
  3. Accept the dialogue after going through the information displayed regarding sd-card solution.
  4.  You will be redirected to course settings > Pricing tab. Select course selling mode either to sell "sd-card only" or "Both" . selecting "sd-card only" will make the course available only for sd-card sale, selecting "both" will make course available for both online access and sd-card purchase. 
  5. Once the selling mode is set to enable sdcard sale, fill the pricing details for sdcard Purchase. sdcard course price may contain "actual course price + sdcard hardware + Learnyst activation charges + shipment charges". Save the changes by clicking save option. 
  6. If the course is already published, Learners will be able order sd-card by making online payment.
  7. Now its time to make sd-card ready for shipment, navigate to sd-card solution page and select the course for which you have enabled sd-card purchase option. If the encrypted course is ready for download in zip format, click download package button and save it your personal computer. 
  8. Extract the entire zip file content to new folder with the course name.For example, If your course name is "ABC complete course" then create a folder with name "ABC complete course" and copy the zip file content to that folder.
  9.   Copy the entire folder to sd-card and check the course content using your mobile app.
  10. To test-verify the sd-card content through mobile app, login with Admin or sub-admin account. Once all the lesson media content is verified and working fine, you can make several copies of the same content to sdcards and ship to your Learners.
  11.  Before shipping sd-card to learners, activate their account for sd-card access by paying  activation charges to Learnyst.

Limitations of SD-CARD solution:

  1. Only course media types like videos, PDFs, Images will be available within sd-card (course zip file). If course contains lessons with other media types like HTML blog lesson, Quizzes, embedded youtube/vimeo videos etc then Learner needs to access them on-line by connecting to Internet. 
  2. Image content will not be encrypted
  3. SCORM Lessons can't be accessed if the purchase type is SDCARD access. SCORM content will be available only for Learners who has purchased Online- Streaming type access.

Suggestions for better usage of sd-card solution:

  1. As sd-card course content cannot be updated remotely after shipping to learner, we recommend you to sell sd-card solution only after successfully uploading complete course content.
  2. We recommend using sd-card hardware from reputed brands which provide good quality and warranty service. The higher the sdcard class, the more performance it provides. 
  3. Since learners require Internet while accessing the sd-card for the first time, we recommend you to note this while marketing your sd-card courses. Also for DRM licensing reasons it may be required to connect to Internet  if the app is not connected to Internet for more than a month.  

NOTE:  We currently support total size of course content upto 3gb for an single course for SDCARD selling.  

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