SD card solution is aimed at solving the issues that learners face in areas with little to no internet connectivity. And no wonder using smartly this feature can help your business grow beyond leaps and bounds. But how do you configure a course for offline download? Well, we have prepared a small checklist for courses that will be available for offline download. Once you enable the specific features, the learners can access the course offline

SD Card Solution Checklist

To be available for SD card solution, a course should have these specific features enabled,

  1. Your account on Learnyst should have active android app subscription
  2. Course should be of encrypted type
  3. Content dripping feature should be disabled
  4. Course should be paid course

You can read more about the features by clicking on the links below,

  1. How do I apply for mobile app
  2. How do I create an encrypted course
  3. How do I disable content dripping feature
  4. How do I make a paid course

Once your course fulfills this checklist, you have to do one final step, setting up the price for offline download

Setting Up The Price for Offline Download

To set up the price for offline download,

  • Go to your course editor page, click on settings
  • In the settings page, click on Pricing and scroll down till you see Course Selling Mode
  • Select course selling mode either to sell "SD-card only" or "Both" . selecting "SD-card only" will make the course available only for SD-card sale, selecting "both" will make course available for both online access and SD-card purchase. 
  • Now scroll down further, till you see Offline Pricing. Set your course price for SD card download and save it.

And VOILA!! now your course is ready to be downloaded offline.

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