To set up the G+ login/sign up for your students you need to copy the product API and secret key to your learner profile builder. If you are wondering how you can do this, let me guide you through the setup process.

  • Login to with your Gmail credentials, you want to create API key. 
  • Create a new project or if you want to choose an existing project. Switch to that Project or if you are creating a new project, give this project a name
  • In Google APIs tab  > click on “Google+ API”  under Social APIs & click enable, if its disabled
  • Then go to credentials > Create Credentials > OAuth client ID
  • If its asking for configure consent key . click on  'configure consent key', other leave this step.. Fill the Product name (or school name) under 'Product name shown to users' . Then save it
  • Now choose Web application . Click on create
  • Pop up box will open . Copy client Id and client secret . You need to save this client_id and client_secret in Learnyst admin panel. OR else: follow next step
  • Under  'credentials tab' ,  under 'OAuth 2.0 client IDs' , under type - 'web application'  . click on edit button . Copy client Id and client secret
  • Now go to your admin dashboard and click on website and from dropdown click on "profile builder"
  • Click on Enable next Google + sign up
  • In the next page paste the details copied from your google developer console, and click on save

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