All About Anti-Piracy Pack

What is Anti-Piracy?

Anti-piracy pack limits the risk of content piracy and login sharing behavior among learners by up to 80%. Here’s how:

  • Set a monthly login limit for each learner.

When the limit exceeds, learners have to login using a unique OTP sent to their registered mobile number. This additional OTP makes login sharing hard.

  • Monitor learner login devices.

Identify learners who frequently login from multiple devices. Warn or block such learners from accessing your contents.

  • Add dynamic watermarks.

You can watermark your contents with verified learner email, phone number or custom text to prevent screen recording or content sharing.


FAQ'S about Anti-Piracy Pack


1) What is included in the Anti-Piracy Pack?
With the Anti-Piracy Pack, you get tools to restrict login sharing between students and also prevent screen captures.

2) How am I charged for this addon?

Once you subscribe to this add-on you will be charged per month or per year based on your subscription plan.

3) Can I cancel my add-on anytime?

Yes, you can unsubscribe to the add-on anytime. You can go to the particular add-on in your admin dashboard, go to Plan & Usage & click on Unsubscribe.

4) How will I be charged if I exceed the limit? What is the fair billing policy?

You will be charged based on a fair billing policy in case you exceed the limit. You will only have to pay the lowest price according to your usage/plan.





- School will be moved to higher plan depending on the usages. We follow Fair Billing Policy.
- We will charge ₹ 4,499 for every 2500 Learners once your school crosses the highest plan.