Your students can signup to your academy using their Facebook login or signup.

In this article, I will show you how to enable Facebook signup or login for your web academy.

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Here is what we will cover:

How To Setup FB Developer Account

The first step to enable FB login in your academy is to set up your Facebook developer account and app. So, let us do that first.

  • Go to the page. On the upper-right corner of the page. There will be either the 'Get Started' or 'My apps' button.

    If you see the 'Get Started' button, click on it.

  • Finish the registration process, to create your developer account.

  • If you see the 'My app' button, simply click on it.

  • Click on create a new app

  • And select the Consumer option as shown below and click Next.

  • Fill in your academy details and click the Create App button.

How To Create The FB Login App

So, in the first step, we created a developer account and app Id.

Now, we will add the Facebook Login. (Facebook refers to it as a product)

  • Click on the Facebook login option, as shown.

  • Next, select the Web option if you want the web login.

  • Insert your site URL and click Save. For e.g: and proceed to configure your FB app steps below.

How To Configure Your FB App

Here, you will give specific instructions to the app so that your learners can sign in using their FB id without any issue.

  • Now click on Settings>Advanced on the left panel.

  • Next, Enable the Native & Desktop App and Secret Key Enabled option.

  • Scroll down to the Share Redirect Allow List. In this list, you will give the sign-in, signup, and home page of your academy. Click Save changes

Note: If you don't know how to get the signup and sign-in page required in the above step, see this screenshot

  • Next, click on Facebook Login on the left side and click on settings.

  • Enable Yes to Client OAuth Login, Web OAuth Login, Login from devices.

  • Enter your academies home page, sign in, and signup page in the valid OAuth Redirect URL's

  • Once you have enabled all this option, go to the top, and enable the app.

  • The app will appear Live as shown.

Adding The App ID and Secret Key In Learnyst

So far, we have created the app, configured it with our signup pages, and set it LIVE.

Now, let us add the FB code in your Learnyst admin id.

  • Click on Settings > Basic on the left panel. There you will see the App Id, App secret. Copy them both.

  • Now go to your admin dashboard and click on FB signup within Signup Settings under Users

  • Paste the App id and App Secret Key from your FB app, paste it in the box and click on Update

  • The Facebook signup option will now be enabled for your learners.

  • As a learner, when I try to sign-up to your academy, I will be able to login using my Facebook credentials.

Hope this article helped you to set up Facebook login for your academy.

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