Facebook login/sign up option is a great one to have on your website as it relieves you from setting up your own authentication settings.

It also helps your learners to login/sign up without creating another new combination of email ID and password.

So now let me tell you how to configure Facebook login/sign up for your school.

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Facebook Login Setup

Here is how you can setup your Facebook developer account

1) Login in Facebook with your email and password.

2) Go to the link : https://developers.facebook.com/

3) On upper-right corner of the page . There will be either 'Get Started' or 'My apps' button.
– If its 'Get Started' button then, click on it. A pop-up box will open ,it will ask you to confirm privacy policy, accept it and click on 'register'.

– If its 'My app' button , simply click on it. Click on create a new app & select the option as shown below.

Create an app id & mention what is going to be used for.

Add Products To Your App

  • After creating your app, the first product to add will be a Facebook login. Hower your mouse over the Facebook login, as shown
  • Next, select the platform. If you are having only website then select WEB. And if you have mobile apps as well, select the OS of the mobile app, e.g iOS and/or Android
  • Insert your site URL and click Save.
  • Now click on Settings > Basic on the left panel. There you will see the App Id, App secret. Copy it for future use.
  • Now go to your admin dashboard and click on website and from dropdown click on "profile builder"
  • Click on Enable next Facebook sign up
  • In the next page paste the details copied from your facebook developer account, and click on save

Hope this article helped you to setup Facebook login for your academy.

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