For SEO purpose it is important for you to add privacy policy, pricing policy, refund and terms and services pages to your website. With Learnyst you can easily add these pages and boost your SER (Search Engine Ranking). Let me show you, how you can add these pages.

  • First login to your Learnyst admin account. [Edit 1: If you are using custom URL, sign in to your online institution using custom domain URL. 

  • It is not possible to edit the policy URL(s) content if you are in trail period  and trying to access the policy URL editor page by logging into your account with

Note: You can have your Learnyst account mapped with your own Custom domain once you upgrade to any of the Paid Plans available for subscription.

  • Now click on settings.

  • In the next page, click on "Policy" from the left panel.

  • In the following window you will see four page links.

  1. Terms of services page

2. Privacy Policy

3. Pricing Policy

You can paste the POLICY content from external course like word document or can create it using the text editor provided.

Once the content is ready, click save option.

Now copy the each policy URL from settings > policy pages > policies and embed them in your Landing-page using site-builder.
To embed the policy urls in your Landing page,please follow the below steps:

In the new tab open the admin dashboard > website > site builder > scroll to the end of the page > you can see the text fields as shown in screenshot below


click edit option  > click on the link symbol > provide the policy URL > repeat the same step with different text boxes for adding different policy URLs in your Landing page.

 save and publish the website to make the changes reflect on your Landing page.

You can download the sample terms and conditions page by clicking to the link below. Make the necessary changes after you copy it to your word editor,

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