Keeping in line with the GST rule we are now allowing you to collect GST from your course sells. Let me show you, how you can collect GST from your course sells.

  • Click on Settings from your admin dashboard,

  • Click on, and scroll down.

  • You will see GST tab there. You can either select to collect GST or sell courses without GST.

  • If you decide to collect the GST from your course sells, we are giving you two more options, you can either select to include it within your existing course price, i.e if you were selling a course presently at 590 INR the GST break down will show the course price as 500 and GST as 90.

  • If your choose Exclusive GST, then if your course price is 500/- INR then we will add additional 90 INR as GST and the whole amount collected will go to your account.

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