If you want to get more students, you need to build trust among them.

Keeping at least 2-3% of your course contents for free is a great way to build trust & to get more students. (I have discussed it in our university course)

But, how can learners enroll for free in your paid course? Let us find that out in this support article.

Ask your learners to scroll down in the Syllabus tab of the course. They can see the enroll for trail button.

  • Alternatively, they can also click on the trial tag of your trial lessons.

And click on the enroll for the trail on the next page.

Once they click on the enroll for trial, they will be taken to the sign-in page. If the learner has already enrolled in your academy, he/she can enter their email id & password.

But, if the student is new, he/she can click on signup for free on top.

Next, they can enter their email id & name and enroll in your course.

As soon as the student signs-up, they will be able to enroll in the course & see your free lesson.

Use the email verification process to allow only genuine students in your course database. This will help you get more conversions when you sell your paid courses.

Note: Please note that learners Enrolling for free will have access to only free lessons. To access paid lessons they will have to make a purchase.

To know more on how to manage your learners, refer to the comprehensive master guide on managing your learners

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