If you are trying to add your recorded video as a lesson to the course, kindly go through this article to use the options and create courses quickly.

As you already know that you can use PDFs , Images , and video files for creating an course, here you can find various methods of including videos to an course. 

For uploading an video in to course, make sure that it is of MP4 format video file. MP4 video format is considered better option for video streaming requirements. And if you have wanted to create encrypted course, before proceeding to content upload kindly make sure that you have Checked the option "ENCRYPT COURSE" while creating the course.

If you have any other video formats other than MP4, you need convert them to MP4 for uploading them into a lesson. If you already does not have an video converter software, you can try using Handbrake tool.  Its free and open source.

Also you can embed either Youtube or Vimeo videos into an lesson very easily.


  1. Videos embedded(YouTube, Vimeo etc) into lesson from third party video streaming providers can't be Encrypted even you select the course as Encrypted course.

  2. If you are planning to use the same video for various courses, you can upload once to your Dropbox account and can import it easily to your Lessons multiple times. This will help you save your valuable time and internet bandwidth.  

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