Once you set up your email account, now is the time for your first email.

  • Go to your email messenger, Admin dashboard > Marketing > Messenger > Email Messenger
  • In the next page you will see the list of all your learner. Alternatively you can also use filter to choose a particular group of learners. (NOTE: Learners who haven't confirmed their email IDs will not be shown in the list. Only confirmed email IDs will be available to send emails to)
  • Click on next to continue
  • In the next page edit your message and click on SEND MESSAGE to send the email


  • In Beta version 2000 emails/day are allowed per school
  • Emails will not be sent and bounce if the learner has deleted her/his email account
  • Emails will not be sent if learner has opted out from email communication by visiting his/her learner account
  • Unconfirmed email IDs will not show up in the list at any time
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