You can directly import your mock test questions as word doc or xlxs files and easily create a mock test. To import question paper in .doc format,

  • Go to Mock Test > Create new test. Once you are in test builder click on Import button
  • In the following screen, you can download the excel sheet template for question import. You can also download a sample question paper in excel sheet format by clicking the link below
  • Now format your question paper in a similar fashion. Now click on choose file and click on upload, once the file is selected.
  • Once the import success message is shown on screen, click on DONE
  • You file will get uploaded from backend
  • Once the file is uploaded you can review the uploaded questions. You can also see the Errors and/or Warning related to your questions and fix those and click on publish to publish your mock test.

Note: While doing this make sure that you do not have already existing sections in the test

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