Adding details and optimizing for search engine helps in getting more learner to your online institution. And it is really easy to achieve this if you are hosting your course with Learnyst. Follow the simple steps mentioned below and set up the branding details of your course.

  • Go to Courses > Your courses > Course Builder

  • In the settings page, click on Branding. And you will see a list similar to the following

  1. Course Name: Set the name of your course

  2. Short Description: A short overview of the course

  3. Description: A detailed description of your course to give a detailed idea on the course and how it will help them achieve their goals

  1. Quiz Image: Upload a image to make your mock test look more attractive

  2. Quiz Video: You can also upload a promo video for your mock test to market it better

  1. Friendly URL: This helps in optimizing your mock test for the search engines. So when a potential learner is searching for a similar mock test if your url reflects the name of the mock test, the chances of appearing high on the search result increases.

  2. Quiz Page Title: This again helps in optimizing for search engines. Page titles reflecting the words used in URL helps in better search result ranking.

  3. SEO Description: SEO description with proper and related keywords to your mock test helps in better search engine ranking

  • Click on save once you do the changes.

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