• How many lessons or videos can be uploaded within a course?

You can create <<>> lessons and upload <<>>  within a course

  • Which course content do get encrypted and which do not?

Out of all the content formats, your images, powerpoint slides and SCORM contents will be unencrypted. And all the other content formats will be encrypted.

  • Does my course videos get compressed?

1 hr of HD/SD video get compressed to ~250 MB with H264 encoding which is the standard recommended for online streaming.

  • What are encrypted courses. How does it help me?

Courses that are encoded to prevent the content piracy or theft of your course content, are called encrypted courses.
It helps you to protect your valuable course contents from theft or unauthorized copying and redistribution

  • How is my bandwidth usage calculated ?

Your bandwidth usage depends on the size of the lesson videos and the total number of learners. So say, you have total 2hr of video content in your online teaching site. So with our high grade compression it will be of 500 MB in size. Now, let's assume that you have 200 learners who has watched all the video contents fully. So your bandwidth usage will be 500*200 = 100000MB or ~98 GB

  • Where can find my bandwidth usage?

You can find your bandwidth usage in your billing page. Click here to know more

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