You can add author profiles to your courses and mock tests to let your learners know about the point of contact in case they have any doubt.

But before you can add them to any course or mock test, you need to add them in your online teaching platform. Here is how to do it. (Watch from 9.05s-10:04s)

In this support article, we will cover the below 3 steps.

How To Create Or Authors In Your Online School

  • Go to your admin dashboard and click on Users and select the sub-admin tab.

  • This opens up the sub-admins page. Now, click on the Authors tab.

  • Click on the Add author button to add any new authors.

  • Upload a proper photo, name, description, email, mobile number of your author and click Save and next.

  • If social links are available do enter those links as well. (This is an optional step).

  • Now, click on Finish to add a new author to your academy.

How to Edit Author Details In Your Online School

  • Next, to edit the authors, click on the author you have created just now.

  • To delete the instructor, click on the instructor and click on the delete button.

  • Click on the edit button.

  • Update any details to this author page and click on Save and next.

  • Once you are satisfied, click on the finish button to update the changes.

  • The details will be updated in the author's dashboard.

Lastly, let us see how to assign authors to your courses/mock tests.

How to Assign Courses To Your Authors

Note: The below steps works for all your products like courses, mock-tests, test-series or bundles)

  • So, first, let us go to your admin dashboard and select products, and click on courses.

  • Click on a course where you want to add this author.

  • Click on the settings tab of the course.

  • Now within the course settings page, click on the instructors' tab.

  • Now, click on the add instructors button.

  • You can add the instructors to the course by selecting the instructors.

  • Congratulations, you have successfully added the instructor/author to your online course. This is how it will look from the learner's side.


Hope this support article helped you to create the author role for you and your team members.

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Or have you tried the evaluator role to correct digital evaluation papers?

Check out the sub-admins guide and make your life easier by delegating tasks to your team members.

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