You can create Live webinar course classes using the HTML lesson type.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a webinar course in your own online academy using YouTube Live.

To run a YouTube Live video, go to your YouTube Channel and Click on the Go Live button on the top right corner.

Note: Your mobile number needs to be verified to start LIVE classes. And It takes about 24 hrs for it to be verified. Check this support article for more details.

Next, click on the Schedule LIVE stream to schedule your LIVE class for a future date.

Now schedule your LIVE class to a proper date and time

Click on create to create a LIVE YouTube Stream link.

Now, click on the video to copy the sharable link as shown in this image

Now, go to your course builder and select the HTML lesson.

Now, paste the link within the HTML block and press enter

You should now be able to see the video Thumbnail as shown below

Now, click on Save and click on Publish button to publish your HTML lesson

As a student, I will be able to view the preview of the LIVE webinar.

Hope this support article, helped you to create a webinar course using YouTube LIVE.

Use the power of LIVE classes to teach more students online from your home.

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