Question pool is your tool to upload all your questions at one go and use them to use it in all your future mock tests. And this is how you can add your questions to your question pool.
(Click here to know the pointers related to using question pool)

  • On your admin dashboard click on Question Pool
  • Click on Create Question Pool
  • And click on Create
  • Now you have two options to create the question pool, a) Create questions manually b) Import questions using Excel or Microsoft Word

A) Create Questions Manually

  • To create the questions manually click on Create New Question and select the question type that you want to create and click on Create
  • Now you can compose the question in the editor screen 
  • And check the question once edited

B) Import Question From Your System

Alternatively you can import questions from your system.

  • Select which import option you want to use and click on Next
  • Download the question template and edit it with your questions and then upload the file. Click on Next
  • And your questions will be added in the pool

To know how to add these questions in mock tests, click here

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