As part of the learner verification we send email verification mails to your learners, and without verifying the email ID they will not be able to access their account, after a fixed number of days. This helps you in getting the verified email IDs from your learners and use that in future for email marketing.
Now depending on your online school, you might want your learners to verify the email ID first and access the course only after that. or in case you are a corporate trainer you might want to free your learners from the hassle of verifying the email ID. Now you can configure both the options, and here's how to do it,

  • Go to your admin settings,

  • Now click on General

  • In the same screen you will see a dialogue box saying, LEARNER EMAIL VERIFICATION CONFIGURATION. In the box below the dialogue box, you can see the option to add the number of days within which the learner has to verify the email ID

  • Now depending on what you want to do, you can either set the count of days to zero or something really high

Learner Should Verify The Email First - Only Then Access The Course

  • If you want your learners to access the learner dashboard only after email verification, set the count to zero,

Learner Doesn't Need To Verify Email ID

  • In case you don't want your learners to verify the email ID at all, you can set the count to 1000-2000 days

Important Note: Learner Email IDs need to be verified if you want to use the marketing email feature. Unless verified, no marketing emails will be sent to your learners.

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