Did you know that you can assign free trial of paid course to your learners for a short duration? Yes, you can give a short period of free trial of the courses from your Learners tab. Here's how you can do it,

  • Head to your Learners tab, and search for the specific learner's account
  • Click on the learner's name and his account will open in the next screen. Click on the Actions button
  • Select Add to Course
  • In the pop up fill out the details and select the access type as Trial and in the Valid Thru box, select the date till which you want the learner to have free access to the course (In the screenshot, expiry date has been set as 22nd Sept which Admin configured on 20th Sept) 
  • Click on Add

Note: If you want to give access to full course material, select the access type as Paid

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