With our Reports section, you can now check the learner performance for each of your courses. Here's how you can do it,

  • Head over to Reports from your admin dashboard
  • Now click on Learning Analytics > Courses
  • You will see an overview page with all your courses listed
  • Click on the specific course which you want to check. In the next screen you will be able to see all the learners who has signed up for that course and their completion status

How To Interpret The Report

Now let's see how you can interpret the data,

So once you get this report card, its time for you to interpret the data shown here. While few of the data are pretty straight-forward to understand. Here's the pointer to figure out the rest,

  • Enrol Type: Tells you whether they are paid learner or unpaid learner. If they are unpaid, you can use the information to convert them to paid learners
  • Completed Lessons: Tells you how many lessons the learner has finished out of the total lessons in that course
  • Expiry Date: The remaining time till the expiry of their access to the course. To know the exact date, hover over the the time duration under expiry dates.

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