A recent data insight given by MOOCS is that the online course completion rates usually is between 5-15% percentage.

And as per the reports, courses get completed faster when they are more personalized to learners. ( either solve their problem or help them improve their skill).

Improve Your Online Course Completion Rates

One of the starting points to improve your online course completion rates is to follow up with your learners & try to get their feedback.

In this article, let us look at the Learning Analytics - Course Reports to help you do this.

How To Access Learning Analytics Report For Courses

Head over to Reports from your admin dashboard

Now click on Learning Analytics > Courses. You will see an overview page with all your courses listed.

Click on the specific course which you want to check.

In the next screen, you will be able to see all the learners who have signed up for that course and their completion status

While a few of the data are pretty straight-forward to understand. Here's the pointer to figure out the rest,

  • Completed Lesson:

Gives you the data about what percentage of lessons have been completed by your learners.

Improve Your Online Course Completion Rates

How To Improve Your Online Course Completion Rates

Understand your learners & help them complete courses:

Let us say that a few learners have completed only 25% of your course, you can export their details, & email them to understand their pain points.

You can even conduct 1-1 session or send them pdf's to help them out.

Reward your learners

For learners who have completed more than 50% of your course, you can create a limited period reward offer. You can even create course certificates as a reward.

Create an urgency to complete your course

You can improve your online course's completion rate by enforcing a course deadline for students enrolled as a trial. This approach also works for paid users.

Use the enrollments type to get this data.

Challenge them to complete your courses

You can remind them of peers who enrolled on the same date as your student but have completed the course. This nudge can push them to complete your online course.

Send reminders on approaching expiry:

If your course expiry date is approaching you can use it to tell your learners to complete your course before its expiry.


You can even add teaching assistants or admins specifically for your students. In a nutshell, the more you personalize your course, the better course completion rates improve.

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