It might take Google as soon as 4 days to as much as 6 months to index a new website depending on a number of factors. On an average, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to index a new website. And some of the major factors include:

  1. Content- How easy is it to access and discover the web pages of your website? We recommend you to put relevant text in your web landing page.

  2. Navigation- How easy is to navigate to major and permanent content on your site?

  3. Text-to-code ratio- Is there too much code(not text) in your website?

  4. Mobile Friendly- Is your website easy to view on a mobile?

  5. Backlinks- Does your web page have a decent number of backlinks?

Things you can do so as to check and minimize the time taken to index your website by Google are:

  1. Set up Google Analytics- It is a free tool to collect and organize website traffic into customizable reports. You can sign up for free at

  2. Set up Google Search Console- It gives you more in-depth information about how your website appears in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and reports to you when Googlebot has a problem crawling and indexing your site. You can submit a Sitemap through Google Search Console. To do so, choose Sitemaps under Crawl Google Search Console and click the Add/Test Sitemap button. You can also ask Google manually to send a bot out to your website via the Fetch as Google option in Google Search Console.You can sign up for Google Search Console for free at

  3. Get Links- Grabbing links to your site before it is indexed creates pathways to your site on websites that Google is already crawling. This means, we recommend you to get your website listed on other webpages which are already indexed by Google.

  4. Advertising- Start advertising your website in platforms like social media, directories, press releases etc. You can start paid advertisement campaigns on Facebook & Google ads.

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