Remembering passwords is a big pain for anyone. That is why google has introduced the sign in option to allow learners to login to websites easily.

In this article, let us learn how to use this google feature in your academy website.

Note: This article is only for website users. To configure google sign in for mobile, check this article.

First, you will create a project in

Then, you will create a consent screen like the above & get the client id, secret key, and API key.

If you are wondering how you can do all this, let me guide you through the setup process.

Create A Project in Console

  • You can either create a new project or choose an existing project as shown below.
  • Now, after creating a project you can enter the project name and the location in the boxes provided as shown below.
  • Now let us configure this project by creating the OAuth Consent Screen
  • Consent screen tells your users who is requesting their data & what data you are asking for access. For ex: like this image below
  • Follow the below steps to create a consent screen.
  • Now, enter your online academy name in the Product name box and click on “Next” as shown below & click save.
  • Later, under credentials choose “Configure your OAuth client” select “Web browser” and enter your website URL under “Authorized Javascript Origin” and then click on “Create” as shown below.

  • Now your OAuth Client is created. You can copy and save this client id & client secret key & use it later in the Learnyst admin dashboard.

Create API Keys

  • Now, to create an API key go to “Credentials” and click on “Create credentials” and then on “API key” as shown below.
  • Now, the API key is created. Finally copy the API key and save it.

Copy the keys in Learnyst Admin Panel

  • Then, log in to your Learnyst account as an admin and go to “Profile Builder” under “Website” and then click on “Enable” beside “Google Sign Up” as shown below.
  • Finally, paste the client ID, client secret key and API key in the boxes provided and then click on “Save” as shown below.

As soon as you save, your students will be able to signup from your online academy using their google signup login.

Hope this article, helped you to integrate google signup in your online academy.

To know how to enable google signup from mobile, please refer Enable students to signup using google - For your Mobile App

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