The whole idea of creating an offline course is to provide your students the freedom to access the course anywhere, anytime, even if they don't have an internet access.
To know more about offline courses and how to create an offline course you can refer to this support article

In this article, we will explore how to copy your course contents into an SD card and ship it to your students. Below are the steps you need to know. 

This activity can be broken down to Two steps. 

  1. Download offline course and copy it into an SD card
  2. Test Your SD card

Download Offline Course and Copy it into an SD Card


In order to copy your offline course into an SD card, you need to first create a file structure in your SD card.
To read your course from the SD card, your app will require this file structure to be created first.

Below are the steps required to create this structure: 

Download the Offline course from the download link using your laptop or desktop. 

Extract the Downloaded Course into a folder.

Insert your new SD card into an SD card reader. Plug the SD card reader into your laptop or desktop.
Optional Step: You can format your SD card first, before copying your offline course into it. 

Create Folder Android>Data>com.learnyst.your_app_name. (If you app name is "Study Easy" your folder will be com.learnyst.studyeasy) 

Copy the Extracted package and paste it within the Android>Data>com.learnyst.yourappname folder

You have now copied your package into your SD card. 

Test your SD Card in a mobile

To test if your SD card is functioning correct, remove the SD card and safely insert into your mobile. 

Go to your app and click on the profile button > Offline Folder > Select SD card.

Your app will automatically detect the course contents from your SD card. 

As soon as your SD card works fine, you can send the copies of the SD card to your students.

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