Making your courses accessible to students without an internet connection is what forms the heart of an Offline course.
Offline courses come really handy for you if you want to cater to students who live in or travel to places where internet access is not available or reliable.

At Learnyst, you can create Offline courses and share it to your students in two different ways. 

So, this support article will guide you towards: 

  1. How to Enable your offline course as an admin
  2. Two ways to share your offline course to your students 

How to Enable your Offline Course as an Admin: 

Prerequisites for enabling an Offline course:

  1. Your account on Learnyst should have active android app subscription
  2. Course should be of encrypted type
  3. Course should be paid course

Enable Offline Course from your Admin Dashboard

The first step is to enable offline access for the course. For this, go to
Admin panel > Courses > Settings > Pricing > "Enable the Offline Access”

Next, Go to Course > Utilities > Offline packages > Create New Package

Select the lessons and provide package name and description and Click on generate package option. Here are the steps:

Go to Create New Package > Agree and Continue > Select Lessons > Click Done > Provide Package Name and Description > Generate Package

Once the package is generated you will get notified through email or you can get the link inside Offline package page also.

You have now successfully created your Offline package. You can download them using the link provided. 

Two ways to share your offline course to your students

There are two ways, in which you can share your offline courses to your students. 

  1. Share your offline course as a link. 

To share your offline course as a link, first download the package from your mobile browser. Then extract the package into your SD card or internal memory. 

Open your mobile app and go to your Profile > Offline Folder

Click Select Folder and select the path of the extracted file

Once the path is provided, the app will automatically read your Offline course. 

2. Share the offline course in an SD card and ship to students. 

If you want to share your offline course in an SD card and ship to students, please refer to this support article for detailed instructions. 

Hope this article helped you to know how to create an offline course and also share your offline course to students using two different ways. 

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