When assessing test performance, it is important to know how each individual learner has performed and where he struggles. 

You can view the individual performances of your learners by going to the View Test Takers section. Below are the steps you need to follow to download the learners performances

Go to Reports and select Test Series

Select any test in the test series and open the test report. 

The view test takers report will show you the list of your learners and the marks they have scored. This report can be accessed as shown in the below diagram. 

View the individual records such as total number of correct and wrong answer per student from the below report. 

You can even add the relevant fields you want to see by clicking on the three dots. 

You can download the learners reports by exporting it as an excel sheet. 

You can even add filters and download only the list of students who meet that condition. For example: You can download the learners who made more than three wrong answers in your test. 

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