Head over to Reports from your admin dashboard

Now click on Learning Analytics > Mocktest and select a specific mock-test

  • On the next screen, you will be able to see the birds-eye view of your learner's performance report

Let us assess what each of these report sections means.

How To Interpret The Report

Birds Eye View Of Performance Details

Get a view of your learner's average score, average score percentage & number of test-takers.


View learner performance reports based on their attempts. View reports based on their attempts.

Grading Report

View your learner's average score as a graph. For instance, the below graph shows the mark range of 3 learners who took the test.

Progress Report

View the completion status of your mock-tests. For e.g. this graph shows that out of 4 learners, 3 have completed the test & 1 learner is still completing the test.

Score Summary Report

This summarizes how your learners have performed across each mock-test section.

View their scores, question attempts & time spent in the section.

Answer Distribution Reports

Answer distribution reports give you the stats of how many students in your entire mock-test have answered each question correctly.

For e.g, you can assess how strong your students are about a concept by checking their correct & wrong answers. This report helps you do that.

Test Takers Report

If you want to assess the individual learners, you can check it from the test-takers' report.

To assess your individual test-takers, do check out how to effectively assess online learning of your student's article.

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