Login into your admin dashboard. Select Reports from the Admin Dashboard 

Within reports go to Learning Analytics and select a particular test. 

Within the test, view the analytics report showing learner grades, test progress stats and answer distribution reports. Below are the reports that you will be able to access. 

Overview and Grading Report

What is the average score and percentage made by most of your learners? How many of your learners took the test? All these questions are answered by the overview and grading report

Progress Report

Want to know how many students completed the test or how many of them are currently taking the test? The progress report shows a real time pie chart of your learner’s test progress status. 

Score Summary Report

Want to view a more detailed breakup of which sections of your test were excelled by learners and which sections of your report were troubling them? 

The Score Summary report helps you to do exactly that. 

Answer Distribution Report

Want to know how many correct answers have been marked for a question? The answer distribution report shows just that. The report is helpful for MCQ type questions. 

These are the reports that will tell you the average performance of your students across the tests. Now what if you may want to view the performance report of your individual learners? Click the link to know about how to check individual learners performance report. 

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