To improve the quality of your courses or mock-tests, you need to system to help you effectively assess the online learning of your students.

How To Effectively Assess Online Learning Of Your Students

When assessing your learner's test performance, it is important to know how each individual learner has performed and where he/she struggles.

Your test analytics reports can help you do this. And in this article, I will show you how to download your learner reports & assess their online learning performance.

Go to Reports

Select any test to view the test report. 

On the next screen, you get to the test report dashboard.

How To Effectively Assess Online Learning Of Your Students

Within the test report, click on the view test-takers button 

View the individual records such as the total number of correct and wrong answers per student from the below report. 

You can even add the relevant fields you want to see by clicking on the three dots. 

You can download the learner's reports by exporting them as an excel sheet. 

You can even add filters and download only the list of students who meet that condition. For example, You can download the learners who made more than three wrong answers in your test. 

How To Effectively Assess Online Learning Of Your Students

Attempts: Number of attempts your learner has taken to answer the test

Status: Tells you the submission status of the test. Success means they have successfully submitted the test answers


Hope this support article, helped you to assess your learner performances. Remember to use filters to export your data. Use the learner dashboard to assess their overall marks.

Remember, the key to improving your learner performance is to give them personalized support like 1-1 session, articles, or making specific courses for them.

I hope this article, gives you a way to track your student performances in mock-tests.

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