If you are an offline teacher selling offline test prep materials like exam questions, read how to make the best use of QR code first before proceeding. 

This section covers 

  1. Adding QR code to Slides 

  2. Creating QR code for your question booklet or offline test prep questions 

  3. How students can scan QR code to access your explainer video

1. Adding QR Code to Slides 

Go to your course in your online academy

Select the Slide lesson  

Scroll down to the QR code section at the bottom

Give a QR code name and click Save. You have added the QR code.


  1. QR code can point to any slide for eg: slide 3. 

  2. QR code will auto correct in case you change slide positions.

  3. Add QR code name without space or special characters

2. Creating QR code and paste it in your offline study material

Go to QRCode Generator website (eg: the-qrcode-generator.com)

Paste the QRcode name you saved

Save the QR code as an image. Print this image on your offline material

3. How students can scan QR code to access your explainer video

You will have to promote/inform students to download your app from playstore

Uses the QR reader to scan the QR code printed on your test material

Upon scanning the QR code in your offline material, student will be taken to the relevant slide in your course lesson. 

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