Looking to stream your lectures to students LIVE? And answer their questions through live chat?  Like this screenshot below? 

Yes, you can now do it with the latest Learnyst Live.

By the end of this guide, you will know how to stream your presentations & answer student queries

Step 1: Create a live lesson from your admin dashboard 

Step 2: Download & Configure the OBS tool 

Step 3: Stream your lectures to students 

Click on the above links to get started.... 

Key Points to note about Live classes  

  • Schedule your live classes at least 10 min before you want to start it.
    (Ex: To give live class at 1.00 pm, please schedule before 12.50 pm)
  • Your live class duration can be from 30 min to max 120 min
  • Live classes will be cancelled if you don't start it in 30 mins from scheduled time. 

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