We are no longer supporting Learnyst LIVE.

Instead, we have integrated Zoom with Learnyst. So, you can conduct LIVE classes on Learnyst without any additional configuration or Zoom license.

Alternatively, you can also embed any other third-party LIVE apps on Learnyst.

If you are a new user, you can ignore this article and instead refer to

How to Conduct Zoom LIVE Classes From Your Academy

In the previous step, we learned how to teach live classes online.

In this support article, let us configure your OBS software to present your video to students with a ppt background or solve a problem live using a whiteboard software.

Here are the steps we will cover:

Watch the full video here or go through the steps mentioned below.

Download And Configure OBS

  • First, go to the OBS website. Now, download & install this software

  • When the OBS opens up for the first time, an auto-configuration wizard will pop up. For the time being, let us close it and proceed to add the sources.

Add Your PPT Window And Face In OBS

(Watch detailed steps in this video from 1.10s to 4:35s)

Adding A PPT Window:

  • To present a PPT or a whiteboard to your students during the LIVE classes, you need to add these items as a source in the OBS studio.

  • To do that, first, click on the plus sign on the sources and select the Window capture option. Window capture will capture any active window that you have opened.

  • This window could be a PPT slide on your desktop. Or it could be a web browser page. So, let me go ahead and select a PPT slide window that I have created.

  • To align the window properly, right-click the obs screen, select transform, and select the fit to screen option.

Adding Your Face:

  • To add a video camera and present my face on top of the PPT add a webcam as a source. Click on the plus symbol and select the video capture option.

  • Adjust your webcam to fit on the top right or left corner.

Adding Your Academy Logo:

  • You can add your academy logo, by adding the image source and selecting your academy logo.

Adding Your Microphone:

  • Lastly, don't forget to add your microphone. This is required as you want your students to hear you talk. To do that, add the microphone source.

  • With this, we have scene 1, where we created a PPT showing a math problem. Now, I can create a scene 2 where I can solve this math problem on a whiteboard.

How To Add a Whiteboard in OBS & Solve a Problem

(Watch detailed steps in this video from 4.36s to 6:10s)

  • To do that, I click on the plus sign on the scene and create another scene.

  • Like scene one, I will need a whiteboard source. For that, I will go to the source and click on the plus sign and select the Window capture option.

Note: For this article, I have used a free whiteboard by a company called Ziteboard.

  • To display math formulas, click on the plus sign from the source and click on image.

  • Here, I have added the Image of the formulas. I can hide this formula by clicking on the eye symbol. I will make it appear while solving the problem.

Ideal Internet Speed You Need

  • A stable internet upload speed of at least 2MBPS is required if you want to stream LIVE.

  • To check your internet speed, check your website speed from fast.com.

  • Please note that your upload speed should be atleast 2 Mbps. Ideally, it should be >5Mbps.

In the next section, let me share with you the OBS settings you need to run your LIVE classes seamlessly (even if you have low internet speed).

How to Stream LIVE Even With Low Internet Speed

(Watch detailed steps in this video from 7.00s to 8:55s)

  • First, click on Settings in OBS.

  • Go to the output. Choose the output mode to Advanced.

  • Next, click on the Streaming tab select the default encoder. Select the resolution to 960x540 and restrict the bit rate to 1500 kbps as shown.

  • Now, click on the video option & select the base resolution to 1280x720. Set the output scaled resolution to 852x480. Select Downscale Filter to bicubic, and FPS to 30.

  • Click on Apply to save the changes.

  • So, with this, we now have the basic setup ready to create an engaging & interactive LIVE class for your students.

  • To get to know your student’s side during your LIVE classes, click on the Studio mode. This will split the screen to preview and program.

  • The program screen on the right side is what students will see when you change the scene. With these steps, you are now ready to stream your video.

Watch detailed steps in this video from 5.35s to 7:20s to stream your video on OBS.

You can also check the support article: How to take live classes online for details.

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