In the previous step, we learnt how to create a live lesson.
In this step, lets use configure our OBS to stream your lectures.

I promise, that though this article is long, the steps are easy. Please go through them carefully.  

Lets see how to configure OBS tool to stream our live lessons. 

Download & Configure the OBS tool

OBS a free tool will be used for Learnyst live classes. Download here

The streaming happens on Learnyst server, so it will be secured. OBS acts as just like a monitor (output device)  streaming your lectures

Lets find out how to download & configure OBS 

  • Click on download OBS link on admin panel
  • OBS is available for Windows, Linux & Mac. Choose the installer for your OS
  • Once you complete OBS installation, open OBS to setup some basic parameters. To do this, choose auto-configuration wizard 
  • Select Option 1: Optimize for streaming, the recording is secondary 
  • Change the Video Settings to 1280*720 & FPS to 15
  • For stream information, select service as custom & Give cancel 


Lets add your devices like mic, video camera & a screen capture. In OBS use the sources section to add these devices. 

Add a microphone

To add a mic click the + & choose Audio input capture(mic). Continue with the wizard to add the mic  

If you want to share a PPT or PDF keep it open on your browser or desktop. Once done, add the screencapture 

Add Screen capture

Click on the + sign & add windows capture option. Click ok to continue with the wizard

I had already opened a powerpoint document in front of my screen (in presentation mode) .
The windows capture wizard will automatically capture this PPT. 

The wizard will also show other windows (ex: 2 or more PPTs) that are open. I can pick & choose any one I like 

Now, click ok. Once you press ok, this is how the screen appears. (its not properly aligned) 

To align it, properly, adjust the red border to fit on the black screen. 

Now, you have perfectly aligned your PPT on the centre of the screen. Now, let us see how you can add a web cam. 

Add Webcam 

Click + and choose Video capture device (web-cam). Continue with the wizard to add the camera.

Adjust the red border line to adjust the size of your video camera. Fit it either to the top or bottom of your slides. 

With these steps, your students can now see the lecture you want to share with them. 

There is a feature called Studio Mode that shows you what your students will be seeing. To access it, click on Studio Mode Button 

Note: To hide the video cam, click on the (eye) next to it. This will hide the button.
Press transition to reflect these changes in the students side 

 With these steps, you are now ready to stream your video.
Lets go ahead to Step 3: Stream your lectures to students

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