In the previous 2 steps, we learnt how to create a live lesson & how to configure OBS.

In this step, lets see how we can stream your lectures & also see the student interface in Learnyst. 


Go to your learnyst dashboard & click on start live class option. 

The system will automatically generate the server & stream key once you give start class. Copy them.

Now, go to your settings page & select custom & paste the server, stream keys

Now, you are ready for streaming your lectures. Click start streaming to stream your lecture. 

If you plan to send recorded videos of your lecture to students, press start recording as well.

To see your students questions, go to your admin dashboard & click on the Open live chat button. A chat window will pop up. 


When your student enrolls to your course, they will see the message to join your live class. 

After they clicks Join now, they can to see your presentation & your live lecture

They can even post questions on the live chat window. And you can answer these questions from your live chat window in the admin side. 

Your student will immediately receive the message you have send.

With these features, you can setup your live classes & teach your students seamlessly. 

To get a recorded version of your lecture, go to your settings. Copy the path from recorded videos. 

Open your my computer & and on the file explorer on top, paste this path. You will see the directory where videos are stored. 

You can later share it with your students. This summarizes the entire live streaming process.
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