Configure Google login.

If you want your students to signup to your mobile app from social media you have to configure your Google login.

Let us see the steps to enable it.

  • Step 2, you will create the API key
  • In step 3, you will add the Learnyst developer mail id who will complete the remaining configuration steps.

Let us see each of these steps in detail.

Create A Project in Console

  • You can either create a new project or choose an existing project as shown below.
  • Now, after creating a project you can enter the project name and the location in the boxes provided as shown below.

Create API Keys

  • Now, to create an API key go to “Credentials” and click on “Create credentials” and then on “API key” as shown below.
  • Now, the API key is created. Finally copy the API key and save it.

Google Login Setup

Please follow the below steps to invite the Learnyst team for google login.

Select the menu bar in the top left corner as shown in below image.Select IAM &admin > IAM

5. Click on +Add on the main page. Type '' and on 'select a role' select project > owner and save.

Once configured, mark yes in the mobile app form (which the sales team shared). Alternatively, let our sales team know the details.

Hope this article helped you to setup google login for your mobile academy.

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