We have made a few changes in the profile builder. In this post, lets see what these changes are.

Profile Builder tool helps you collect any student details like name, DOB, mail, city etc.

Profile Builder in the New Version

Currently profile builder aka custom fields is under the Learners section.

To create your learners profile, first click on custom fields.

In the next page, you will have the option to create different types of data fields.

You can choose to create the following.

Single text: Any details like name, address goes here.

Validate the data with character restrictions. For eg: A name should have minimum 3 characters & maximum 50 characters

Numeric: Enter phone-numbers, pincodes as numeric data.

Date of Birth: This is calendar like pop up that allows students to pick their birth dates

Drop Down: This allows you to give a drop down of values. Give upto 10 values. Use it to mention cities or states

Once you have created these fields, go ahead and save the changes.

You can also make these fields mandatory or optional. Just select the mandatory option or simply click the show option.

With this new profile builder you categorize your students & send targeted messages to them. You can download the learner details from the report section

So, now go ahead and create learners profiles and use them for marketing purposes. Expand your students base and grow online by teaching.

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