Many educators want to know the difference between section quiz and mock test.

Both the mock test and section quiz are 2 ways to test your students knowledge at varied levels.

In this article, we will highlight the major differences between section quiz and a mocktest. Below is a table for quick reference.

Note: Both the section quiz & mocktest allows you to create multiple question types like MCQ, neumeric, fill in the blanks, essay.

Purpose: Section Quiz vs Mock test

A section quiz is a short quiz that you can ask your learners within a course section or chapter. This helps to test learners understanding within a chapter or section

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Mock test is a longer quiz and in more detail. It covers about a subject or a specific exam in detail.

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Create Practice Quiz: Section Quiz vs Mock test

Your students can check right or wrong answers after every question using the practice quiz feature.

Note: You can create practice quiz only in a section quiz and not in mock-test

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In this article, we will highlight the major differences between section quiz and a mock-test.

Question Limit: Section Quiz vs Mock test

You can create upto 100 questions in a section quiz. Whereas in a mocktest you can create upto 550 questions.

Real World Exam Templates: Section Quiz vs Mocktest

Section Quiz supports only two templates. A normal (general) quiz template and a practice quiz template.

Mocktest supports multiple exam templates. It gives you all competitive exam templates that you can use to replicate actual mocktest.

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Mock test gives a real exam environment for your students to prepare for competitive exams.

Conclusion (Difference between mock test and section quizzes)

So, in short terms:

  • A section quiz is a short test and usually asked at the end of a topic ex: algebra Mocktest is a long test and is about an entire subject ex: Class X Maths Revision

  • Section quiz can have a max 100 questions. Mocktest can have 550 questions

  • Section quiz doesn't replicate real world exams. Mocktests replicate all the competitive real world exams like IIT, CAT, GATE,IBPS and so on

So, these were the key differences between the mocktests and section quizzes. Hope this was helpful and clear.

Now, go ahead to your admin dashboard & start creating your mocktests or section quizzes.

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