Using our platform, so far you could customize your logo, theme, and get white-labeled apps.

Now, you can take a step further. You can now edit every single word to suit your academies brand using the text editor. Let me explain.

For e.g. If you had a language academy (say Hindi) in your brand, it would look like this.

As you can see, you could edit only the course elements like title and description. Other page elements like buttons, newsfeeds, store, etc appear in English

With the new text editor, feature you can change this. You can now edit every text in your online academy.

You can change Sign in to साइन इन करें or even change Sign in to something like Join Us.

As I said, you can change any word and any text.

Not just that, let's say you are selling courses and bundles. Now, with Text Editor, you can rename Courses and Bundles to something like Programs and Modules.

Let us go ahead and see how to access and use the text editor feature.

Note: Currently Text Editor feature is available only in the Enterprise plan.

How To Access Text Editor Feature

Go to your admin dashboard and click on Apps (Website)

Click on Text Editor

How To Use The Text Editor

Now, the text editor will open. Here select the module from the dropdown or search for the element you want to change. ( For e.g. I will try changing the sign-in button)

Once I enter the search query, the system will return all pages where Sign In has been mentioned.

I can replace the word sign in with the term I want. For e.g. I will replace sign-in with साइन इन करें and its Hindi equivalent.

Once I click save, all the changes will get updated automatically by the system.

You can now see the updated changes in the learner side.

Hope this helped you to make the changes and brand every word of your academy as per your brand need.

To explore more, upgrade to the Enterprise plan or get in touch with the sales team.

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