Your Learners are your most important assets. It is therefore important that you know how to manage them from your dashboard. s

In this master guide, I will try my best to answer most of your queries related to your learners. Do reply back in the chat, if you don't find your query here.

I have split this article into sections. You will find your query in each of these sections.

The Learners Tab: Import & Create learners, use the filter function

How To Access Learners Tab In Your Admin Dashboard

  • Know how to access or view Learners in your admin dashboard

Import Learners: How To Import Your Learners in Bulk Using Excel

  • Hack the painful process of manual data entry. Import your learners in bulk with this simple excel template & save your time. (Watch video from 1:30s to 5:00s)

Import Learners: How To Import Your Learners WIth Custom Fields Using Excel

  • Import specific learner data using the new custom field template. (Watch video from 5:30s to 6:55s for the full steps)

Create New Learners: How To Add New Learners To Your Course

  • Handpick learners and add them to your course with a click of a button. Use this feature if you have less than 10 students

How To Use Filters In Your Learners Tab

  • Filter out learners based on courses or dates of enrollments. See learners you want to see using 10+ filter conditions.

Add Your Learners: Learn to add, enroll & assign courses to your learners

How To Add Existing Learners Into Your Products

  • Invite your existing learners to your new course or test, test-series, bundles

How To Enroll Your Learners As a Free User To A Paid Course

  • Build the trust of new learners with your free lessons. Learn how to enroll them in your free course sections & gain their confidence.

How To Assign Limited Period Free Trial of Paid Courses to Learners

  • Skyrocket your course completion rates by giving learners a limited period of free access to your paid courses.

Update Learner Details: Learn to update learner info's, course expiry dates

How To Update Learner Info From your Admin Dashboard

  • Update your learner details like name and phone number from your dashboard

Build A Complete Learner Profile And Know Your Learner Likes & Dislikes

  • Use Custom Fields and get to know your student's dreams, fears, and ambitions

How To Change Expiry Date for a Particular Learner

  • Know how you can change the expiry date of your course/mock test for one particular learner

How To Change Expiry Date for Learners In Bulk

  • Has your course expired one day before the main exam? Don't worry. Use the bulk upload feature to change expiry dates.

Disable Your Learners: Learn to disable, delete and remove learners and their devices

How To Disable Learner Access

  • Remove or revoke access to learners. Prevent your students from accessing courses beyond a certain time period.

How To Delete Your Learners From Your Products

  • Delete learners from your courses, mock-tests, test series, or bundles. Maintain a fresh list of crisp & interested learners.

How To Remove Existing Mobile Device of Learners

  • Has your learner lost his/her mobile device? Learn how to allow your learners to login from a new mobile device (for the app).

Managing Your Learner Profile: Learn to check your learner's course purchase, email verification & marks

How To Check The Courses Purchased By Individual Learners

  • Search your learner's email id and find out their purchased courses.

Email Validation: How To Verify Your Learners Signups

  • Boost your marketing efforts with auto email validation. Get student emails auto verified.

How To Re-Send Verification Email to Learners

  • Resend verification emails to your learners & eliminate fake student id's from your course.

How To Check Learner's Test Scores Using Their Name Or Email Id

  • Get eye-opening insights about your learners. Check their marks and help them overcome their struggles.

How To Check Learner's Marks Using Filter Feature

  • Use the filter feature to check learner's test scores & get eye-opening insights about your learners.

If you want to know about other features within the User management, check out how to manage your sub-admins master guide.

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