The Learnyst website is divided into manageable sections. Each section can be customized as per your preferences. In this article i will show you how to -

  1. Add New Section

  2. Edit Section Information

  3. Reorder Section

  4. Delete Section

Login to Learnyst Admin Dashboard > Click on website builder 

Add New Section

To add section, click on Add New Section button. Your section gets added to your landing page as the last section. 

Edit Section 

The following topic discusses editing section name and section display in Navbar. Please refer Manage Content to edit content in a section

Renaming a Section

  • Click on the Section in Left Sidebar

  • Click on RENAME Link 

  • Enter new Section Name and click Save or Cancel

  • Click on Save button

To add any section link to the Navbar do the following

  • Select the section from the left Sidebar

  • Click on SHOW IN NAVBAR link

  • The Section Name will appear on Navbar

  • Click on Save button

Reorder the Section

  • In Left Sidebar, move the mouse pointer over section drag icon 

  • Drag the section by pressing the left button of the mouse in the desired order (up or down)  and release. 

  • The section is reordered and moved to the desired place in your website. or just to reorder a section drag and drop that section in the side bar.

  • Click on Save button

Delete the Section:

Select the section you want to removed and Click on 'X' icon to delete the section

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