The Learnyst website is divided into manageable sections. Each section can be customized as per your preferences. In this article, I will show you how to -

  1. Add New Section

  2. Edit Section Information

  3. Reorder Section

  4. Delete Section

(Watch from 2:40s-3:25s)

Note Login to Learnyst Admin Dashboard > Click on website builder 

Add New Section

  • To add a section, click on Add New Section button. Your section gets added to your landing page as the last section. 

Edit Section 

  • The following topic discusses editing section name and section display in Navbar. Please refer to Manage Content to edit content in a section

Renaming a Section

  • Click on the Section on Left Sidebar

  • Click on RENAME Link 

  • Enter new Section Name and click Save or Cancel

  • Click on the Save button

Display Section Link in Navbar

To add any section link to the Navbar do the following

  • Select the section from the left Sidebar

  • Click on the SHOW IN NAVBAR link

  • The Section Name will appear on Navbar

  • Click on the Save button

Reorder the Section

  • In Left Sidebar, move the mouse pointer over the section drag icon 

  • Drag the section by pressing the left button of the mouse in the desired order (up or down)  and release. 

  • The section is reordered and moved to the desired place in your website. or just to reorder a section drag and drop that section in the sidebar.

  • Click on the Save button

Delete the Section:

Select the section you want to remove and click on the 'X' icon to delete the section

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