Using Tags, in your Learnyst dashboard, you can label your contents. Learners can use these tags and find courses they love.

content tagging

For e.g. if you run a CAT coaching institute, you can create tags with terms like, "jumbled paragraphs", "graphs", "Venn diagrams" etc.

In this support article, let us see how to use the 4 tags to organize your course contents.

Content Tag Creation - How To Create A Tag For the First Time

  • In this support article, you will learn how to create a new tag. Create tags and assign products or newsfeeds.

Newsfeed Tagging - How To Tag Your Newsfeed Articles

  • Learn how to use tags to organize your newsfeeds. An organized website ranks well on google

Question Tagging - How To Add Questions Tags In Mock-Tests

  • Question tags can help your students assess their performance. They can view how strong or weak they are wrt to specific exam topics.

Product Tagging - How To Tag Your Courses/ Mock-tests/ Bundles

  • Use the features section of your courses, mock-tests, or bundles, and learn how to tag your courses. Make it easy to be found.

Lesson Tagging - How To Tag Individual Lessons In Courses

  • Know how you can tag lessons to help learners search for specific lessons

Content Tagging - How Can Tags Benefit You

  • Learn how to make learning more effective for your students using these 4 types of tags.

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