The latest update in LIVE classes is that you can now capture details of students who have attended your LIVE classes.

How To Mark Student Attendance During LIVE Classes

In this article, let us see how to get the list of students who attended your LIVE classes & how to mark attendance for them.

First, go to your admin dashboard and select courses and select a course

Click on LIVE classes and create a LIVE class

Once you start your LIVE class, your students will be able to view it once they log in.

After your LIVE classes are over, you can go to the reports section

Now, click on LIVE Class Attendance Report

This will give you a summarized view of your LIVE class attendance. It will also give you attendees details across multiple courses.

How To Mark Student Attendance During Live Classes

Click on the class for which you want to check the attendance.

Once you click on the course, you will be able to see the details of the students who attended your class.

How To Mark Student Attendance During Live Classes

Hope this helped you know about the new LIVE Class Attendance report. For queries related to LIVE classes, do check out our LIVE class master guide support article.

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