In this master guide, let us look at the steps to evaluate answer sheets faster using the digital evaluation tools available in your online academy.

*Note: This feature is currently available only in the standard mock-test plan & premium plans.

Onscreen Evaluation System: Evaluate Answer Sheets Online (Full Video Guide)

Watch the entire video here, or you can go through each step explained below

Section 1: How To Create An Online Exam For Digital Evaluation

Section 2: Understanding The Student Side Of Digital Evaluation

  • Explore the student side of your onscreen evaluation system. Learn how students can submit answer sheets effortlessly. (Watch video from 01:10s to 01:40s)

Section 3: Assign Evaluation Duties To Your Team

  • Learn how to give an evaluator role to your team. Evaluators can correct your student's answer sheets digitally. (Watch video from 01:26s to 02:40s)

Section 4: Evaluate Answer Sheets Online As An Admin

  • Perform digital evaluation as an admin. Learn how to add annotations & assign marks to your students. (Watch video from 03:39s to 07:55s)

Section 5: Evaluate Answer Sheets Online As An Evaluator

  • Learn how your evaluators can correct the answer papers online. (Watch video from 03:39s to 07:55s)

Section 5: Track Your Digital Evaluations With Evaluator Reports

  • Keep track of your evaluators. Know the status of your digital evaluations

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